Reactions from our Audience

We received the following comments after our Scheherazade concert!

Bravo for a fantastic concert on January 15th! The Egmont is a transparent piece and was beautifully played. The SSO Principal clarinetist was amazing. The slow movement was exquisite. The Moncayo piece was so fun, different, rhythmically challenging & toe tapping. The Scheherezade showed off your wonderful musicians… the bassoon, flutes, clarinet, harp, percussion, brass, strings! Everynody contributed. Pam was a pro. Just fabulous. Fantastic. Beautiful sound! The whole concert was great. Really. I heard comments all around me praising you. ♡


Just to let you know (and please share this): I’ve been attending performances for about 15 years.  Last night was among the very best – possibly THE very best concert I’ve been to.  It was outstanding, every part.  The programming was marvelous, and I really appreciate the chance to hear Moncayo’s work.  It is so rewarding to be introduced to a composer whose music I knew nothing about. The audience’s reaction says it all, so I won’t go on, but I wanted to express my joy and appreciation for a memorable evening.


I just want to let you know that your concert last night, January 15, was absolutely magnificent! In fact, it was one of the most excellent I have ever attended. How wonderful not to have to fight the traffic and parking in Seattle to hear a topnotch orchestra.  We have it right here in our hometown of Edmonds. Thank you for a memorable evening. I look forward to your next event.


Dave and I loved the concert. What a privilege to be able to hear such great musicians in our community. Thank you and the entire orchestra.


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