Meet the Musicians: CSO is a family affair for trombone player

By Scott Higbee

When I was pretty small, the guy that wound up marrying my sister made quite an impression on me, so when it came time to choose an instrument, I said, “I want to play what he does.”

Scott Higbee

Scott Higbee plays trombone in the symphony. Photo by Veronica Ho.

So, today, I play trombone in Cascade Symphony. That same sister is one of our clarinetists and the guy that married her sits next to me in our trombone section.

I’m in my eleventh year with Cascade. I teach instrumental music in grades 5 through 12 at The Bear Creek School, a Christian school in Redmond.

When time allows, I travel, play golf, and fret about the offensive and defensive lines of the Huskies.

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