Where does my money go?

General Fund

Donations to the General Fund are used for operating expenses.

Sustaining Fund (Endowment)

Contributions to the Sustaining Fund are invested to ensure the continued success of Cascade Symphony.

Music Acquisition

Funds allocated for music acquisition are used to purchase music to build the Cascade Symphony library or to rent music that may not be otherwise available.


Scholarship contributions will help to build a fund to promote opportunities for young musicians.

Soloist Sponsorships

Sponsorship of a soloist covers costs pertaining to a concert soloist, including the soloist’s fee, the cost of music, and travel expenses.

Concert Sponsorship

Concert sponsorship provides partial funding for a specific concert and covers related costs for that concert, such as rental of the performance hall, publicity and advertising, music acquisition, and soloist expenses.

Season Sponsorship

Season sponsorship provides funding for orchestral and ensemble concerts scheduled for an entire season.

Pre-concert Lecture Sponsorship

Sponsorship provides an informative lecture, pertaining to the music to be performed, before each concert of the season.

Jubilee Fund

Fund set up on our 50th anniversary dedicated to starting an endowment.

If you would like to learn more, please call us at 425-776-4938 or email president@cascadesymphony.org. We deeply appreciate the support!

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